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Why Temple

Thinking about joining the Temple community? These are just some of the reasons students from across the world choose Temple:


Main Campus is less than two miles from the center of Philadelphia. You’re surrounded by world-class art, culture, restaurants, you name it. The professional world is at your doorstep. There is never a lack of things to do, or shortage of opportunities. If you want to travel, we have campuses in Tokyo and Rome, and programs around the world.


A campus may be a spot on the map, but Temple is really a vast network reaching out across the globe. We have schools and alumni around the world. One out of seven college graduates in Greater Philadelphia holds a degree from Temple. That translates into a worldwide network of 286,000 potential connections.


At Temple, you get the reasonable costs of a public university and all the advantages of a world-class research university. And there are numerous opportunities for scholarships, grants, and other types of financial aid.


Temple is a universe of ideas and experiences. There are students from just about any place or any background you can think of. But that diversity is what many students will tell you is the most valuable part of their experience. It’s a big place, but not one you get lost in. In fact, the average class size is just 27 students. At Temple, everything is there in front of you. It’s what you make it.


Whether you’re a serious athlete or a serious sports fan, Temple’s athletic program is sure to be a source of energy and passion. We’re well known for our 24 NCAA Division I teams. Owls have been a tradition for over 100 years, and every new generation of fans keeps the tradition alive.


Every day, thousands of Temple alumni are busy writing their own success stories. They’re everyone from top CEOs, to famous musicians, to people on the forefront of medical research. Will you be the next Temple Made success?